Tdp Achievements


  • Nellore Barrage with an investment of Rs.192.11 Crores will complete shortly.
  • Sangam Barrage with an investment of Rs.174.14 Crores will complete shortly.
  • Anam Sanjeeva Reddy Somasila LI Scheme Phase-I taken up with an estimated cost of Rs.840.92 Crs. will be completed shortly and provide water to 43,200 Acres.


  • 60,505 Members of Co-operative Joint Forming Societies their legal heirs and other landless poor persons were approved for issuing of D-form Pattas to the extent of 66,276 acres in all 10 Assembly Constituencies which include 38,307 SC, STs. If you assume the Government is giving a benefit of Rs.10.00 lakhs per acre to the poorest of the poor to the tune of Rs.6,626 Crores. 


  • Under Purification of Land Records (MeeBhoomikiBharosa), 17.01 lakh mistakes identified in 5 Categories so far. 36 lakh (96%) mistakes were processed and 8.06 lakh (47%) mistakes were rectified in Land Records.

Alienation of Govt. Lands :

    • 7,477 Acres of land alienated to 5 projects viz., APIIC (6,621 Ac.); APTIDCO (582 Ac.), etc.

HUDCO Projects :

  • 426 Kms. Under Ground Drainage System taken up in Nellore Municipal Corporation with an estimated cost of Rs.564.84 Crs. 80% work is completed.
  • Water Supply Scheme was taken up in Nellore Municipal Corporation with an estimated cost of Rs.512.76 Crs. 98% work is completed.


  • Nellore Strom Water Drainage Scheme taken up under AMRUTH with an estimated cost of Rs.82.02 Crs. 18% work is completed.


  • 58,235 Houses sanctioned with an estimated cost of Rs.3,800Crs. 15,473 Houses completed and 5,979 Houses are in the finishing stage.

Municipal Residential Junior College :

  • Municipal Residential Junior College established first time in the state for providing Corporate Education with Residential to talented poor students who were studied in Government Schools.
  • Special Competitive Coaching provided for the aspirants of IIT, NIEET, IIIT & NIT students studying in Social Welfare and Tribal Welfare Residential Junior Colleges.
  • 42 Students of Nellore District secured Ranks out of 72 Ranks secured in the State.

Punaadi :

  • An Innovative program “PUNAADI” has been designed for the improvement of skills in Telugu, English, Mathematics & Environmental Science subjects for the benefit of students studying in Government Primary Schools.
  • 21 lakh SHG Women were provided bank linkage of Rs.3,284.18Crs.
  • 85 lakh SHG Women were provided a loan of 202.45 Crs. under Stree Nidhi.
  • 31 lakh SHG Women benefited with an amount of Rs.422.12 Crs. under PasupuKumkuma Programme.
  • 92 lakhs person days generated.
  • 1,190.69Crs. spent of which Wage Component is Rs.686.29 Crs.
  • During 2016-17, 1.28 Crs. person days generated as against the target of 1.25 Crs. and got first in the state.
  • During 2017-18, 1.19 Crs. person days generated as against the target of 1.15 Crs. and got 2nd rank in the state.
  • 26,354 Farm Ponds completed.

09 lakh Toilets were constructed with an expenditure of Rs.414.25 Crs. and declared the entire District as ODF on 2nd October 2017.

3 Partnership Summits have been organized and MOUs have been entered with 50 Firms for Rs.29715 Crs. for providing 40,103 employment opportunities. 23 units with an investment of Rs.11,889Crs. have been established and employed 12,636.      

In Corporation and Municipality areas, 2 to 5 AWCS within a distance of 1 Km. Are merged into one AWC and Pre-School Education is conducted through Nursery-4476, LKG-4622 & UKG-4246 Children. In the first phase, 579 AWCs are merged into 306 AWCs and it is extended to Rural areas by further merging of AWCs in every project.

  • 724.37 Crs. worth of loans with subsidies provided to 65,565 families through various corporations.
  • 900.55 Crs. Scholarships are provided to 5.48 lakh students of SC, ST, BC, EBC, and Minorities.